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What is your instructor’s background?

• Robby is a working professional in Los Angeles who has worked on high profile feature films, commercials, and AAA game cinematics.
• He personally taught and mentored hundreds of students at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects who are also now working professionals.
• Most importantly, he remembers what it's like to be a beginner and is passionate about helping others in that position thrive and meet their goals.
• Will there be more instructors involved? Its very possible :) 

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• Imagine a world where colleges and vocational schools expected their students to select their courses at random, with instructors who never spoke to each other. The completion rate would be disastrous. This is how nearly all online CG-related courses currently work, and is a big reason why many online CG courses have a 5% completion rate (based on public and private data shared amongst the community).
• Similar to a school, we provide Tracks, not individual courses. Each course is designed to work with our other courses in a linear way to help beginners level up without the pain of standard online courses.

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