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• CGFASTTRACK.COM has stopped offering the month to month subscription for new/returning members and now offers a Lifetime Membership!🥳🥳🥳

• Your account is still on the month to month subscription. You may keep this and are not obligated to transfer over to the Lifetime Membership.

• For a limited time, we are allowing members to transfer over to the new Lifetime Membership and credit all of their previous payments towards the new Lifetime Membership. If you would like to transfer over, check out the new pricing page and then contact support@cgfasttrack.com and we can assist you further.

Canceling will void all progress on payments towards the Lifetime Membership and you will currently not be able to rejoin the previously offered month to month subscription.

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SPECIAL REMINDER: CG Fast Track no longer offers new or returning members to join via the month-to-month subscription. Upon canceling, the only way to rejoin is through the Lifetime Membership.

This page should only be used for month-to-month or annual subscriptions, not the monthly installment plan for the lifetime membership.
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